Amy Wilde (née Amy Lynch) is an Austin-based writer and editor for hire. She works with magazines, blogs and brands to tell the stories of places that inspire conversation, products that spark curiosity, projects that stimulate progress, and people who move the world forward.

Able to both purposefully connect brands with their audiences and engage readers through objective storytelling, Amy’s writing and editing skills have been put to good use by Fortune 50 companies, tech startups, nonprofit organizations, media outlets and brands of all sizes and stripes.

Clients past and present include Google (via EnVeritas Group), Hilton Hotels, Barclays, Marriott, General Motors, Morgan Stanley, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Wanderlust Festivals, Tea Forté, Trivago and Impact Hub, and she's earned bylines in Lonely Planet, USA TODAY Travel, Refinery29, The Hairpin, The Huffington Post, Brit + Co, DAME, She Shreds and more. 

Amy has made a habit of cultivating lasting relationships with a broad range of collaborators, often continuing to work together long after the original agreement has run its course. A ten-year stint in public relations preceded her freelance writing career, lending nuance to her approach. She's spent a good deal of time on both sides of the pitch. She's been an agent and a client, a contributor and an editor. From the moment she won her first spelling bee as a kid to the creative work she tackles today, her love of language has transformed ordinary projects into extraordinary exercises in wordplay. She loves big ideas and tiny details, and her ability to make them sing is remarkable.

More than anything, though, she was born to write. Ask anyone with whom she's worked and they'll tell you the same.